Digital Day 2022 - The end of the world as we know it
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We are witnessing tectonic changes and COVID has permanently changed the digital market and economy. It’s clear that the return to the same world we knew, until two years ago is no more. The Serbian market could not avoid the global trend of change. The growth of e-commerce, daily operations “”remotely”” and the growth of on-site delivery of everything to our homes marked the period that is behind us. We are still waiting for changes and further rapprochement to world trends as well as other more developed markets.

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Dorcol Platz
Only a 1000 meters from the Republic Square, near the banks of the Danube, there is a unique indoor/outdoor complex which develops and curtails to programs in the field of technology, art, education, recreation sports and environmental protection.
Dobračina 59,
11000 BGD