Digital Day 2022 - The end of the world as we know it
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We are witnessing tectonic changes and COVID has permanently changed the digital market and economy. It’s clear that the return to the same world we knew, until two years ago is no more. The Serbian market could not avoid the global trend of change. The growth of e-commerce, daily operations “remotely” and the growth of on-site delivery of everything to our homes marked the period that is behind us. We are still waiting for changes and further rapprochement to world trends as well as other more developed markets.

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Main Hall
09:00 - 10:00
AdEx 2021 Benchmark - Đorđe Bukinac
Panel - End of media consumption as we know it?
Media consumption is changing rapidly and in the same time, content creating and business models in media companies are also changing. Paying for content on prominent news web portals is "old news" in developed societies, and yet even the most successful media among them have a lot of challenges: How to keep their audience and how to impose themselves in the world of free online content.
When it comes to content subscription, where is the ex-YU region, how successful are we, how late are we and what has to be done so that average reader in Serbia, Bosnia or Montenegro decides to pay a subscription for their favorite website?

Moderator: Jasmina Koprivica, Head of Digital, Euronews Serbia
Nedim Šabić, SEO ekspert
Daniel Fazlić, Digital Editor in Chief, Bloomberg Adria
Stevan Ristić, General Manager, Vreme
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Keynote - What do you and your stupid neighbour have in common? 16 human needs. - Svyatoslav Bryulin
People have needs, and when somebody or something promises them to fulfil some of them (for instance, in an ad), they response. And even if people differ in race, skin color, the shape of the eyes and religion, they all have the same set of needs. The best marketers know about them and use them in their work. A product is sold and an ad works when they touch people’s basic needs. And there are just a few of them. Learn more…

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Keynote - The end of the marketplaces as we know them: how marketplaces maturity is taking them to a whole new dimension - Rodrigo Alier
With marketplaces growing in size and value, all its participants are looking for different ways to leverage on that value to maximize their goals in this constantly evolving ecosystem. During this session we will explore how Glovo is planning to evolve from a three-sided marketplace to a four-sided one.
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Coffee Break
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Keynote – Rate of change and the speed of light – how much is too much? – Vanja Bertalan
Panel - Adland in times of change
Consumer trends and behaviours have been dramatically transformed during the pandemic. The way people embraced digital is reflected in the way they spent time, interacted with each other, worked or created.
These new consumer trends paved the way for new opportunities, as well as new challenges in marketing and advertising. New shopping habits, new media habits, new working habits… are still disrupting the way marketers and advertisers connect with their audiences, their clients, but their employees, as well.
How disrupted advertising industry actually is today?
In the discussion with today’s industry leaders, we will try to define the main challenges advertising in Serbia is facing today: future jobs and career in advertising, new and emerging skills and expertise, the state of the industry when it comes to the work conditions and benefits, especially in the context of rising IT / start up culture.
The main subject of this discussion will not be stating the problem, yet mapping the opportunities for the industry. We will hear where do the leaders of the most influential agencies in Serbia and region see the space, place and role of advertising in the new economy and creative industries – what could be the true value of creativity in this new eco system: the world of today and tomorrow.

Moderator: Katarina Pribićević, Strategy & Growth Director, McCann Beograd
Vladan Anđelković, CTO, New Media Ideas
Marko Pešić, Executive Director, Ovation BBDO
Boris Marčetić, Creative Director, Popular

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Keynote - The Future of Media - Dimitris Dimitriadis
The future of media will offer a world of opportunities, but the transformation will require substantial steps and boldness. The industry needs to be open to new insights instead of being mentally closed by existing ones. Our world is becoming interconnected at a tremendous speed. In this new world, we will tell stories with our bodies and seamlessly interact with our surroundings.
The future will not be about using smart technology to intrude on people’s lives; it will be about inserting themselves into people’s lives with respect to their time and needs, and putting people in control of their own attention and helping them get the most out of the interaction. Together we will explore this brave new world.
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Panel discussion - Battle for budgets
Digital vs Traditional Media. Who will win and why?
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Panel - Event Industry in 2022: The Show Goes On
It's 2022. We gathered again live at the event. Is the event industry where we left off in 2020, or is some new normality waiting for this area as well?
The event industry has shown us its resilience, and fulfilled our human desire to gather –– to take part in something bigger than ourselves. More than ever, event industry reminded us of one fundamental truth of perseverance: The show must go on.
We reached out to the advantageous and innovative event leaders who turned uncertainty into opportunity over the past year and we will talk to them about what the event industry looks like today, what has changed and how we should approach the planning, organization and production of an event today.
Are in-person events finally going to make a genuine comeback? Will two years of gathering virtually change the way we plan events? And what about hybrid — is it really the future?

Moderator: Vladimir Kovač, Founder & Host, Digitalk
Ivan Petrović, President of Managng Board, EXIT Foundation
Nikola Vrdoljak, Partner, 404 Agency
Sanjin Ćorović, Production / Event Manager / Consultant / Partner, Production Pool
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Keynote - BigTech Algorthms are Children That Want to Understand. You need to Learn to Educate Them. - Jason Barnard
Like any business, Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon et al. have one driving purpose: to best serve the needs of their clients and users. To do that, they are all building machines that understand the world and can use that understanding to best serve their users and clients

Essentially, they are all building a knowledge-thirsty child that is learning everything it can about who we are, what we do and who our audience is and training it to use that information to serve their users, clients and business interests.

What strategy do we need to employ? We are the responsible adult in the room and we need to educate each BigTech child about who we are, what we do / offer and who our audience is. It is our responsibility to educate these Child-machines about our small corner of the Internet. We need to start now, before it is too late.

In this keynote, Jason Barnard will expand on the concept of Google as a Child, and explain how we can educate it and the other BigTech child-machines.
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Panel Discussion - Break on through to the other side
Crossing the threshold between the realm of the real and the virtual, many artistic and curatorial practices resonate with the most subtle changes in societies, media and technology, some that accelerate toward global shifts and transformations. With a premise that the line across the digital and physical world has been blurred, and the two worlds have conjoined - we discuss the shapeshifting practices and experiences that co-depend on the complexities of society in media. From individual to collective practices, this panel aims to open up discussion and intersect perspectives on the forms of art and communication.
In a visual culture, practices related to visual art can address and articulate such phenomena - even catalyze the processes of understanding the new - tools or trends - in accelerated life and content exchange.

However, the art world provides the answers in reflection of possible moments of crisis, instability or reinvention - being a mirror to the world. If there is the death of the world as we know it, are we also encountering the death of art, again?
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Panel - Game over. Or is it?
Did you know that gaming industry is larger than music and film industries combined? Did you know that mobile gaming is the largest category within gaming?

We will unpack how important brands are in that universe, and what is the relationship between gaming studios and advertising agencies. What are the roles that marketing plays in a pre-launch and post-launch life of a mobile game? We assume that gaming is rich with data, but what kind of data is it, and what is it used for? Last, but certainly not least - is it too late for agency people to jump aboard the gaming train?

Moderator: Vladimir Tošić, COO, Two Desperados
Andrej Kugonič, Head of Growth, Nordeus
Ivan Dimitrijević, Head of Marketing, Webelinx Games
Lana Čubrić, Head of Marketing, Two Desperadoses
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Side Hall
Keynote - Ecommerce serpentines: Hard turns in the ever-growing industry – Matija Golubović
PIt's not big news that Ecommerce is growing. It has been growing and will grow even faster throughout the next decades. But which direction? Pandemic has fueled big changes that are evolving Ecommerce with newly formed behaviors of humans. Which key trends will mark Ecommerce by 2040 and how you can leverage it for the benefit of your business?
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Keynote - A Creator Led Internet, WEB3 - Ines Isijami
The new age of the internet could create the greatest transfer of power from institutions to individuals of all time.

With the rise of blockchain development and assets like NFTs and cryptocurrency, it's inevitable to empower creators of the content rather than platforms that they use to spread their creations. Creators could more freely disctribute their work and connect easier with their audience.

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Panel Discussion – TikTokers Among Us
UNICEF Case Study
Panel Discussion - Under stereotyping Ads for Children powered by UNICEF
Gender inequality is present in the life of every child, and is especially visible in the presentation of characters in the media. With the globalization of the media, children are more exposed than ever to media and marketing. As a result, new questions have emerged about the consequences of increased marketing and advertising exposure on children's development and well-being. UNICEF has identified marketing as a powerful driver of gender socialization that has the potential to disrupt or promote gender equality depending on how it is used.

The creative industry and advertisers have the greatest capacity to change the way media and marketing portray gender. In this trend, companies not only have the potential to drive progress in gender equality, but can also see significant business results by promoting gender equality in all their practices)
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Keynote - The end of Media Buying as we know it - Arnas Klasauskas
In this presentation you'll understand how the media buying industry is going to change within the coming years. You'll see what already has been changed and where media buying is headed.
After this presentation you'll be able to understand why an omni-channel strategy is more important than ever and how you can adapt your business to have a great marketing mix.
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Snack Break
Discussions - End of (info)wars as we know it? Nikola Parun
Wars are not as they were. Hard power may be the same, but soft power is becoming based on the live reactions to the field battles. Communication never was faster. Civilians are still suffering the most and companies are being forced to adapt and even suspend some of their operations.

We are we know, 100+ days deep in Russia’s agression in Ukraine, we will ask you. This discussion is all about democracy. Welcome to the Forum.
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Keynote - How Brands Use NFTs for Marketing: Are They Really Worth The Hype? - Jovan Tišma
Conversations surrounding NFTs and Web3 have risen in the past year and continue to pique marketers’ interest. I will cover what NFTs are, how brands are using it, and if it’s worth the investment.
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Panel Discussion - The wild rodeo that is digital marketing industry today
The only thing that is constant in digital agency world are overdue invoices :)

Everything else is just wild wild west of uncertainty, financial crisis, pandemic, wars, inflations and the looming recession.
But, in the vise words of Sun Tzu: "In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity".
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Panel Discussion - The end of luxury brands as we know them - Ljubica Vukčević&Sanja Dimitrijević
Even though luxury industry was not hit by crises in the past as hard as the other industries, things are changing. E-commerce, the fact that luxury brands are not so appealing to younger generations ( especially Gen Z) and sustainability trends are not doing a favor to this industry. And even though social media is and was the home of luxury brands (remember, first ad ever on Instagram was Michael Kors) thing are changing there to. In this conversation, Ljubica will give us carefully curated, luxury insights and perspective on this changes while Sanja will give us first hand examples how to navigate those changes successfully. Come to this event and be Gucci not the Burberry :)
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20:00 - MIXX Awards


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