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The end of the world as we know it

We are witnessing tectonic changes and COVID has permanently changed the digital market and economy. It’s clear that the return to the same world we knew, until two years ago is no more. The Serbian market could not avoid the global trend of change. The growth of e-commerce, daily operations “”remotely”” and the growth of on-site delivery of everything to our homes marked the period that is behind us. We are still waiting for changes and further rapprochement to world trends as well as other more developed markets.

After the weakening of COVID, in the past few months, we have been observing the conflict in Ukraine. This brought us to an absurd situation – that in the digital age, in the era of mobile phones, cameras, social networks and real-time content, we have come to the point that virtually no one knows the real situation. Everything we see in the media is suspicious and “”fake”” and the propaganda war waged online is almost as intense as the conflict itself. As a result of the conflict in the Ukraine, IT companies and their employees are migrating from the former USSR to our region, and we have yet to see how this will affect our market in the long run.

Meanwhile, stories about metaverses are heating up, NFT is the most hyped word in the industry, cryptocurrencies have long been mainstream, consumption of media content is undergoing changes, and the upcoming abolition of 3rd party cookies is around the corner with tighter EU restrictions on targeting being legislated…

In short, the world we knew is ceasing to exist!


Conference organizer – IAB Serbia is an association that actively promotes growth and development of digital market in Serbia and CEE region.

IAB Serbia is fully committed to the constant development of local digital and interactive markets, providing adequate educational content to all interested parties, facilitating greater market transparency and promoting European ​​IAB values at the local level.

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