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18.05.2023. | Hotel Hilton, Belgrade


Nastasija Stošić

Nastasija Stošić

A journalist and tv presenter that fancies progressive music, pancakes, nature, traveling, and absolutely loves her dog DRAGAN.

I started my career as a teenage tv presenter 12 years ago (back then had no clue I’d be pursuing this career path, lol), and here I am!
Recently I joined the Bloomberg Adria team. I used to write my thesis based on their analysis, and now I’m broadcasting for the same company. Considering the company I work for, it’s not surprising that I’m constantly exposed to economic and business, both local and global news.

I’ve studied abroad, graduated from the University of Sheffield, and got my Masters from Queen Mery University. I’ve done business studies majoring in marketing.

I returned from London 2 years ago, where I’ve lived for four years, and before that, I lived in Thessaloniki. I’ve returned temporarily and spontaneously applied for a presenter position at Prva TV. I worked for the Prva TV morning show for almost two years.

Even though I studied business & marketing, it was pretty clear that I could never ever be that person that keeps on typing and checking emails all the time… (As I type this, I’m thinking – well guuurl, it’s not like you’re not typing all day!)

OKAY, now seriously…

Besides being a workaholic, I am a very talkative and friendly person. Therefore, I spend much time with my favorite people and my dog DRAGAN. And when I find the time, which is currently never, I design clothes with my cool mother (she is a designer herself!)

I live for memorable moments and sunny days at the beach, and I’m always up for some adventure in nature. Cheers, and see ya!