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Dom omladine, 21/05/2024

Nela Bunčić Vukomanović

Nela Bunčić Vukomanović, better known as Yugoslovenka, will shake you up at the conference this year, because squatting is always a good idea. 

She has been involved in the media business for 12 years, from the time she made coffee as a young girl to start learning journalism, and each next step was well founded, until at the age of 28 she became the executive editor of the portal, and now she is engaged in work that includes all her knowledge in marketing, journalism and sales – in the position of “head of creative” in CAS media Serbia (UM), and she continued her presenter/journalist career at TV Shoppster. 

She started her career as an influencer almost 10 years ago and on that platform she collaborates with many global brands such as Nike, Xiaomi, Nivea, Vichy, Barilla and similar, more precisely with those that fit into her racing and sports lifestyle.