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18.05.2023. | Hotel Hilton, Belgrade


Aleksandar Leštarić

Aleksandar Leštarić

Cile ST

YouTuber – Influencer

Aleksandar Leštarić, owner of YouTube channel “Cile ST”, which is largest tech oriented channel in Balkans. Channel is active for over 12 years, while Aleksandar started his first channel 15 years ago, making him one of the most experienced YouTubers.

Beside YouTube, Aleksandar is cofounder of “Balkan Tube Fest” festival, and “Balkan Tube Space” and “Civalska” digital/influncer marketing agencies.
During his 15 year run, Aleksandar worked with numerous companies and organisations on numerous projects.

Notable project that Aleksandar is currently working on is youth counceling platform in partnership with his local hospital. Platform will provide young people way of anonymously asking any question they might have regarding physical or mental health