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18.05.2023. | Hotel Hilton, Belgrade


Nataša Mitrović

Nataša Mitrović

Why Not Agency

CEO and Founder

Nataša Mitrović is the founder and CEO of the Why Not marketing agency, which operates on the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Switzerland.
The Why Not agency has been active on the Serbian market for less than two years, and during that time it has established significant cooperation with well-known brands. The unique WHY NOT philosophy is the driving energy and the reason why they achieve successful and notable collaborations.
The advertising profession recognized the agency’s creativity by awarding it at several industry festivals.

She graduated from the University of Media Communications in Vienna and Geneva, and her search for knowledge further led her to a master’s degree in Madrid, where she obtained a master’s degree in Marketing and Corporate Communications.
Six years ago she founded Zdravija portal dedicated to promoting a different and healthier way of life and providing reliable information in this area.