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18.05.2023. | Hotel Hilton, Belgrade


Svetlana Jovanović Mitić

Svetlana Jovanović Mitić


Department Manager of Marketing and Communications

Svetlana Jovanović Mitić is a Department Manager of Marketing and Communications responsible for marketing presentations and implementation of an umbrella strategy on two markets – Serbia and North Macedonia, and her fifteen years of experience in the company makes her an essential member of numerous projects of the greatest drugstore chain in Europe. In the last year only, Svetlana, the head of her team, has carried out significant company projects, such as introduction of a totally new price concept on the Serbian market – ALWAYS FAVOURABLE, launching the dm Online Shop and launching the mobile application My dm.
Through her work in the Communication and Marketing Sector, she has been included daily in many other dm initiatives, especially in the field of socially responsible business, implementation of green standards and environmental activities by which the company is known in public.
In addition, Svetlana is a mother of three children, and she always strives for flexibility, patience and constant improvement, which is equally significant both for her professional life and her private life.