Digital Day

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18.05.2023. | Hotel Hilton, Belgrade


Vladimir Ćuk

Vladimir Ćuk


Director of Ecommerce and Analytics

Senior eCommerce and analytics executive with domestic and international experience in analytics, digital media, digital marketing, business development, and strategic product positioning – involving both start-up and growth organizations. I have years of experience in e-commerce, data analytics, and utilization of data-driven customer acquisition techniques across contemporary digital channels.

I think Built – Measure – Analyze – Learn is an important concept. Through it, I have learned to build different online presence and analytics environments for various companies. I always relied on trying something new, measuring it, analyzing it, and learning from success or failure. My decisions and actions were always based on data, but usable and actionable data.

Core Specialties are eCommerce user experience, Data analytics, Business analytics, Conversion rate optimization, Market research, Product Analysis, Product Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, User Acquisition, Business Development, Strategic Planning.