Aleksa Todorović - Digital Day 2022
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Aleksa Todorović
Digital Marketing Specialist

My name is Aleksa Todorovic and I work as a digital marketing and PR specialist. I have been working in the marketing field over four years, mainly in the fashion industry and now in e-commerce. I started my career at Serbia Fashion Week and stayed there until now. Last year I joined the marketing team of the fastest growing regional marketplace, and in addition to that have been working for a Paris Fashion Week platform and projects for numerous brands whose products and services you use daily.

Social media have always been my passion, and because of that I decided to test out my private profiles and share my interests, skills and values with a broad audience. Working for brands have helped a lot with building my own platforms and communication and a couple of years later over 100.000 people started following my content and pronounced me an influencer. Being and influencer means to me a lot because it connected me with numerous organizations, companies and people who are able to see my work and invite to talk about it at public events, conferences on projects where I can meet new people, share my experience and even sometimes motive and be inspired. Building a  community and everyday communication has then been my primary focus on social media since it can lead me to collaborations with some of my favorite brands.