Aleksandar Milosavljavić - Digital Day 2019
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Aleksandar Milosavljavić
Head of BDM and Mission Critical Systems
Maintream Managed Hosting

Aleksandar Milosavljevic is a veteran, but still highly diligent IT evangelist, with over 18 years of experience in working for several local ISP companies on leadership positions. In his career, he participated as team leader or team member in a number of frontier projects, such as: first public Internet venue in SRJ, design of the first commercial MPLS network in Serbia, execution of the first virtualization and development of cloud services in Serbia (Eunet Virtual Server), IP network segment of the project of Eurovision Song Contest 2008 etc. In 2013, Aleksandar strengthen Mainstream team by becoming company’s CTO. A few years later, in an effort to give more value to customers and the company, he made full transition to business facing side, by taking on the projects and tasks related to business development. Particularly focused on managed hosting services and mission critical systems. Before starting his business career, Aleksandar was a professional volleyball player and he realized early on that aspect of team work and preparation are the key factors required for successful progress. Beside work, Aleksandar was active in humanitarian work, as the founder of the “Centar za nestalu i zlostavljanu decu”. He believes that people and technology are inseparable and should always go together.