Branislav Peric - Digital Day 2019
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Branislav Peric
WITH digital orchestration (Paris)

Branislav Peric was born and raised in Paris, from Serbian parents. He went through all of the stages of the digital revolution over the last 18 years, in all sorts of positions of the best French digital hot shops & advertising agencies. Always at the forefront of the next wave of change, he has also led Digital & Media at L’Oréal for the Travel Retail business, focusing more specifically on the booming middle class of Brazil, China & Russia, exploring and leveraging how they shop and use digital when they travel. Branislav is now leading WITH, a 24-people digital orchestration consultancy based in Paris & Madrid, that focuses on the latest needs on the market : the rise of e-commerce, data structuring & onboarding and programmatic advertising, digital in China, digital in the Middle-East & Africa, digital for R&D departments. WITH is servicing Danone, L’Oréal, Bel and LVMH globally.

The rise of precision advertising and the fall of good old carpet bombing
Advertising used to be a sawn-off shotgun, popularized by the good old phrase :
“Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”
Nowadays, most of the advertisers around the world are measuring how big is their data lake.
Data being the ammunition of a new form of advertising: precision ads. It is data powered!
Either you have data, and you can be a player, or you don’t have data and in this case you have to pay for it.
In the future, “data will be more expensive than money”.
Why does it matter so much for advertisers in the Balkans to be at the forefront of that revolution?
How does it work? What does it allow?
With a focus on programmatic fraud, that is the major threat towards the development of precision advertising.