Cristian Ignat - Digital Day 2017
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Cristian IgnatSpeaker
Chief Canopyst - Canopy

“Cristian Ignat is the founder of Canopy, a digital marketing agency focused on Pay Per Click marketing.

Over the last 11 years, he was dedicated to developing strategies that substantially grow revenue and profits for his clients. That’s how he managed to bring great results to top brands, lead generation and e-commerce businesses from UK, US, Australia, and Romania.

With over 100 events from Central and Eastern Europe, Cristian is a well-known speaker in the online marketing field, appreciated for his detailed case studies.”

13:10 - 13:40
How to employ a cat to boost results through Performance Marketing?
I love performance marketing, it is about being relevant, about reaching the right customers with the right messages, it is about efficiency and paying for performance only. But today`s customers are harder to attract and convince, you need more than advanced platforms and targeting systems to have them by your side. Nowadays you have mobile, social media, video, advanced remarketing, how can you adapt your marketing strategy for reaching the heights? I will show you how the cats are doing it. Think about the millions likes and hearts that all the cats got on social media every day. It is an engagement and advocacy dreamed by all the brands. Let`s see how you can develop your brand, with a focus on results.