Darko Vukić - Digital Day 2022
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Darko Vukić
Visual artist, Researcher & writer

Darko Vukić (*1992, Crnjevo) is a visual artist, researcher and writer. He received his MFA in painting and transmedia at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2016. He engages in artistic initiatives and projects via various platforms through exhibitions and discursive programs while also closely collaborating within institutional as well as alternative and independent contexts locally and abroad. He defines his work as a language-specific event or situation that often turns into entropy in the process. He edits, develops and curates: Prosthetic pavilion, $vvarm – a work station platform for plug-in and translation experiments, and Tag_terror – a magazine for development of textual practice on art, a forum for revision of meaning and critical insights in current theoretical-artistry discourses.