Domen Rakovec - Digital Day 2019
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Domen Rakovec
Head of Industry Business Development for Central and Eastern Europe

Domen Rakovec works at SAP as a Head of Industry Business Development for Central and Eastern Europe for almost 5 years. He is responsible for 8 focus industries (Telecommunications, Energy and Natural Resources, Financial Services, Consumer Industry, Travel and Transportation, Public Services, Sport and Entertainment and Healthcare), as well responsible for SAP Line of Business solutions (Analytics and Insight, Database and Data Management and SAP Leonardo portfolio) in 16 countries across the Central and Eastern Europe including Ukraine and Austria.
Before SAP Mr. Domen was working as a Partner at Evest, an IT, Telco and digital media consulting company. He was responsible for strategy, planning, process optimization and IT analytics.
Previously, he worked as a Chief Information Officer at Telekom Slovenije, provides a range of fixed line, mobile, and Internet communications services in Slovenia and mobile and Internet communications services in Macedonia, BiH and Kosovo. He was responsible for corporate IT and Value Added Services, IT budget, coordinating corporate IT operations in region, leading the process of IT convergence between Mobitel (mobile operator) and Telekom Slovenije (fixed and broadband operator). He did regular speeches and presentations of corporate telecommunication and IT strategies on several international seminars, conferences and symposiums. He was also President of Telekom Slovenia Startup committee.
Prior to that, Mr. Domen worked as Chief Executive Officer at Dora, d.o.o., a company providing computer aided design, drafting and modeling services.
He also worked as Research and Development Director at Mobitel – Telecommunications Services, a subsidiary of Telecom Slovenia and a Slovenian provider of electronic communications. It provides high-end mobile, fixed and IP communications, multimedia content, and services to residential and business users. He worked at Mobitel for 8 years.
Prior to that, Mr. Domen held a position of Network Manager at Ericsson d.o.o., also known as Ericsson Slovenia, a part of Ericsson Group, spent majority of his time in Sweden and Ireland on GSM implementation projects with local mobile operators/providers.
Domen Rakovec holds a degree of Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from University of Ljubljana.