Jovan Tišma - Digital Day 2022
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Jovan Tišma

Jovan Tisma is a co-founder at ALL.ART and SolSea. His experience stems from a rich background that includes marketing and finance. In the early days of his career, his main focus was the entertainment industry where he worked as a concert promoter, festival founder (ForestFest), and brand partnership manager for the Universal Music Group.

He made a transition to enterprise blockchain where he co-founded startup RealMarket which failed after 2 years of development and got to DeFi at WaykiChain which is a Hong Kong-based company with a focus on bringing the blockchain to the masses. In his time there, he served as a business director. Currently, he is making an effort in the NFT space with ALL.ART protocol and marketplace are both on Solana for the purpose of educating the general public on the benefits of migrating to the Web3 business model. Also, he is being an advisor for the StreamFlow Finance, Unique Ventures Club, and Metakings studio, all of which are Web3 projects.