Mario Šestak - Digital Day 2017
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Mario ŠestakSpeaker
Interactive Art Director - Degordian

“Mario Šestak is a Designer with more than 13 years of experience. His first designed and developed website using Flash technology was published in 2004. A lot of things has changed from then and currently, he is working as Interactive Art Director in Degordian, an independent digital production & marketing agency.

He is known as an experienced problem solver, a creative conundrum go to guy and an all around great fella. His major responsibilities include: leading the UX process, planning, research, analysis, wireframing and user interface design in addition to mentoring design team in Degordian.

With a strong knowledge of technology and processes, he also handles coordination with development (frontend, backend) and content team. Passionate about different fields of design, he is a typography lover and is constantly curious about technology and discovering new ways of problem solving.

He had the privilege of working with companies such as Heineken, Lufthansa, Dell, Lego Duplo and Ožujsko pivo. His work has been awarded with international web design awards such as Awwwards, Fwa, European Design Award, ESA Best of Europe, CSS Design Award, Hermes Digital Award, AVA Digital Award.

10:15 - 10:45
Guerrilla UX for Performance Marketing
"Success and results! That's what we expect to get in return when we invest in performance marketing. Of course, only if our actions and processes are correct. For top results there is no middle ground, we either succeeded or we didn't. Performance marketing is measurable and straightforward, and we pay for each of our mistakes with the number of users, unrealized conversions and poor sales. And the additional budgets we need to allocate for advertising!
With a majority of digital products, the key error is not bad optimization or advertising strategy, it is most often hidden in the on-site user experience. Even when we detect the problem lies in poor user experience and get the green light for additional investments to improve that experience, we often end up in a costly and lengthy process of testing and changing the digital product without even meeting the prerequisites for more advanced tests.
By doing that, we have failed to apply key usability and user-oriented design principles and gave a market advantage to companies that do apply them.
Through real examples and a couple of dirty tricks, learn what those principles are and how to apply them as soon as possible - Guerilla style!"