Mark de Bruijn - Digital Day 2019
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Mark de Bruijn
VP, Head of Marketing EMEA & MEE at SAP Customer Experience

Mark is Vice President & Head of Marketing in Europe, Middle East and Africa at SAP Customer Experience, part of SAP SE. He is a modern marketer with a passion for digital, innovation and everything related to Customer Experience. For the past ten years, Mark has taken on various roles in marketing and predictive analytics. In addition, he was affiliated with Avans University as a lecturer and is part of the CMO Council advisory board. Mark is a regular keynote speaker, loves sharing his story around delivering an exceptional Customer Experience and adds the human element to today’s technology focused world.

The ultimate customer experience: finding the balance between people and technology.
In the unbridled hunger for data it’s easy to forget that, as a brand, we focus on people. Therefore, it is not data, but emotions that should be central to the customer experience. We talk so much about technology in today’s world that we soon might forget about the human aspect. It’s not about data, but about what you do with it – so that, in the end, you can make a better connection with people and improve their lives. Anyone who understands that will conquer the hearts of their customers forever.