Robert Petković - Digital Day 2017
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Robert PetkovićSpeaker
Google Analytics specialist - Pink

Robert is a Google Analytics specialist with more than 20 years of experience in digital where he started as a web developer and spent the last 10 years as one of the most prominent analysts in the region. Currently works as a web analyst for all Agrokor websites and is one of the few specialists in the Balkan region that uses Analytics on a daily basis in the line of his work, cooperating with the world’s leading experts in the field of web analytics. He is able to give meaningful insights from the data first seen 5 min ago, as well as to play drums in front of 10.000 people. His current professional focus is on advanced Google Analytics implementation using Tag Manager, behavioral marketing, online-offline integration and SEO that makes websites and their offsite facilities more efficient.

17:00 - 17:30
Multi-Channel Funneling or May the Channels Fail - a starters guide
Even the biggest math h​​aters tend to like figures and charts once they realize - line that goes up means growth and more money, which is what everyone loves.
With more and more business on internet, web analytics became very popular. Suddenly you can, just after a simple click, measure, report and analytics different sets of data - something we could only dream a while ago. Web analytics are no longer "the future of business", they are its present and with proper implementation you can be sure your online business is providing you all the right information you need for your next business decision.
But is that always true? Are you confused by colorful pies, zig-zag lines, channels, reports and other wigdets? In his presentation Robert will explain us why we mostly don't use some cool analytical tools features and show us how to use them in a proper way to make our web project more successful and us more competent. There will be plenty more details, especially humorous part about improper usage of digital marketing among "wannabe performance" digital agencies in the region. Pretty much everything a good student needs to figure out the beauty of various Google Analytics reports and start rocking one of the toughest among Analytics - the Multi-Channel Funnels.