Siniša Mijatović - Digital Day 2019
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Siniša Mijatović
Display and video advertising section coordinator
Infostud group

Five years in Infostud group and five years in digital advertising.
Since the beginning of my career in this company, whose main activity is to develop classified sites, I was working in Display and video advertising department. Initially I was using different kind of tools for advanced targeting and optimization of campagnes and that’s how it all started. Soon I started cooperating a bit more with key accounts and media buying agencies so I could fulfill the story about online advertising. It was very exciting and still is! Through numerous successful projects, we managed to upgrade cooperation with our clients to a whole another level and with that we achieved to be recognised as a reliable partner with clearly profiled sites and audience.
For the last two years I am Display and video advertising section coordinator and I am running a team whose main goal is to maximize benefits of online advertising, education of the clients and providing them the best results.
Since 2017, I am the president of Comity for Audience Measurement within IAB Serbia.