Vladimir Kovač - Digital Day 2022
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Vladimir Kovač
Founder & Host

Vladimir has been professionally engaged in marketing for more than fifteen years and has been in the world of digital for a full decade. His focus is on event management and brand development. He has a special passion for communications and digital innovations, where he is constantly improving himself. The tech and marketing community know him best through the events he has organized over the past ten years.

Through the events, he developed a wide network of contacts in various industries, which further expanded his interests to topics such as e-commerce, digital advertising, and digital transformation. Following the trends in media and digital communications, a year ago he launched the DigiTalk podcast with his friends Ivan Minić and Vitomir Ognjanović, as a community of lovers of technology, innovation, and marketing. Today, Digitalk is a regionally known podcast, especially in the domains of digital marketing and digital economy, and the whole project went beyond the podcast and now represents a new brand of events of various formats.