Digital Day

For Better Web

18.05.2023. | Hotel Hilton, Belgrade



*DRV is a creative full-service agency with deep roots in digital and a wide repertoire of expertise, including creative, design, brand strategy, digital and 360 communication platforms, and production.
We create challenger ideas for challenger brands.

We know that there are brands and people that, like us, do not agree with the status quo. We also know it’s not always easy and that sometimes it takes a little courage, a little inspiration, a little support, and a few more real questions. And that’s why we’re here to ask those questions.
We want to change the way we think.

We believe it can be different, braver, always new, and unexpected and that the best things happen outside the safe zone.
We are on a mission to create ideas that challenge brands, people, and culture.

For those who go beyond.