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18.05.2023. | Hotel Hilton, Belgrade


E Planeta

Founded in 2003, Planeta Sport D.O.O. with it’s two business concepts, Planeta Sport and ePlaneta, represents the one of the fatest developing retail companies in Serbia, trusted by both customers and partners.

Planeta Sport is one of the leading retail chains of multibrand sports equipment, with over 100 specialized stores in more than 60 cities throughout Serbia. 

The company’s goal is to make renowned global brands accessible to everyone. We want to bring closer to everyone not only sports, but also the entire lifestyle that these brands carry within themselves. Year after year, we improve the quality of our products, we strive for more interesting designs and more modern cuts. In addition to sports clothing and footwear, we also offer a large selection of clothing and accessories for a variety of occasions. 

ePlaneta is an indepentent internet store, a platform that sells items from a wide variety of categories. ePlaneta’s mission is to sell the widest range of commercial items needed for everyday life and work, at a good price and with a great user experience, as well as to enable partners to easily and quickly sell their goods through the choice of the desired business model.