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Dom omladine, 21/05/2024

Target video

TargetVideo is an international video ad solutions powerhouse that combines video production, management, and implementation for its digital publishing network. The company operates a specialized video distribution and monetization platform with a cutting-edge video player and ad tech, along with state-of-the-art white-label OTT and CTV solutions for cross-channel monetization.

With its premium partner network, TargetVideo reaches over 100M+ users per month in valuable target groups. The company develops quality video content, creative content marketing strategies, and video campaigns for renowned advertisers and agencies. Leading the innovation in the video advertising industry, TargetVideo offers everything advertisers and publishers need to grow their digital business.

In 2023, TargetVideo acquired Belgrade, Serbia-based Brid.TV, a fast-growing ad tech company and a world-renowned name in the digital advertising landscape. Today, these two companies operate together as a Google-certified tech partner and an IAB Europe and Prebid.js board member.