Heimo Hammer - Digital Day 2017
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Heimo HammerSpeaker
CEO and Founder - Kraftwerk

Heimo Hammer studied at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna with a special focus on marketing, advertising and information technology. He was assistant professor in Marketing at the University and worked for companies such as Siemens, McCann Erickson and Dr. Puttner & Bates. He is living in Vienna and working in Nis, London and Vienna. In 1990 he founded kraftwerk as a full-service creative and digital marketing agency.  kraftwerk is Austria’s leading cross channel agency and #1 Digital Agency and #4 Advertising Agency. The  billing of the agency is EUR 58 million and income is EUR 15,2 million in 2016. In the last 27 years Heimo Hammer and his team have launched more than 2.000 advertising campaigns and more than 2.500 digital projects for clients like Redbull, Coca-Cola, Unicredit, Lufthansa, Deutsche Börse, Domino’s Pizza, Opel, Rewe, Eni, Zurich etc.

Heimo Hammer is „ Austria’s Mister Digital“ and the owner of kraftwerk group with 6 companies (one of them is located in Nis Serbia). kraftwerk is working together with 54 employees and more than 60 freelancer and is focused on six strategic business areas such as Digital Change Consulting, Advertising, Performance Marketing, UX, Content Marketing and Technology & Innovation.

Heimo Hammer was a professional football player and is a five time Marathon finisher. He likes Tennis and Mountainbiking.

Contact: hammer@kraftwerk.co.at

18:00 - 18:30
Connected Shopper in retail – Shopping wherever and whenever you want
Omni-channel strategy as on/off approach for rising profits?

This presentation is based on case-studies with professional insights in various retail companies. From strategy to conversion and from image to up/X-selling. The on/off approach optimizes all touchpoints in the userjouney.
Our key strategy is the „Don’t make me think approach“ - If customers start thinking about usability, technology or benefits you are lost. There will be no business anymore.

Connected Shopper in retail is shopping wherever and whenever you want.

Customer behaviour is changing all over the world. The digital homo economicus is a well informed person with a clear focus on personal needs and budgets.  The so called user centered approach is easy to say but hard to fullfil. 
First of all we have to talk about customers.

We have to know who they are, what they want and when and where they buy. If you want to identify your customers or potential customers you have to accept that technology is only 20% of your success. You have to have a clear strategy and best resources available in organization and communication. In retail business the connected shopper has a lot of touchpoints and very often the userjourney is longer than expected.

Retail is not retail. 
We have launched online shops, websites, microsites, blogs, apps and social media channels. Our lessons learned result is very clear: You will never ever have success with copy and paste strategies.
Our experience of the integration of digital & physical retail is a different story. In the food industry (delivery services) are a fast growing segment in the market. In the mobility industry such as car components and services the market is flipping.

The years to come...
The digital retail business will be one of the most growing industries in the future. Connected shoppers and omni-channel shopping strategies will be key.