Hossein Houssaini - Digital Day 2017
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Hossein HoussainiSpeaker
Global Head of Programmatic Solutions - Havas

Hossein Houssaini joined Havas in 2015 with the mission to build the data partnership between Havas and Vivendi, especially with the Universal Music Group. Besides supporting new business, he is helping global clients like Emirates, Hyundai & Kia, Disney & Telefonica to digitally transform with content/ creative, data strategy or delivery in programmatic.
He is one of the first contacts for tech vendors.
Hossein has developed an global training program for every Havas employee which is scalable and examines the learned content through a knowledge The first program launched is the 100% Programmatic program.

Before HAVAS, Hossein created IPG Mediabrands’ first Trading Desk, Cadreon, in DACH (GSA) and shortly after acted as Director Technology all audience platforms, bringing programmatic to the region.

Prior to IPG Mediabrands, Hossein worked for DoubleClick before the acquisition of Google, starting in Tech support and then moving to a Sales Manager role reestablishing the Rich Media business for DACH (GSA) & the Nordics, launching projects like YouTube Masthead and developing the markets to a successful business, launching local solution like the “Multi-Float”, which shortly after launch was adopted globally.

Hossein speaks regularly on tech/media events around the globe and recently joined the global board of i-com. This community is comprised of the largest international group of industry leaders on the forefront of Smart Data Marketing, ranging from CMOs to top Data Scientists.

14:30 - 15:00
Programmatic & E-Commerce = Programmatic Commerce
Imagine this: you wake up in the morning and your coffee machine, as it pours you your first cup, tells you it’s almost out of your favourite blend. Rather than making a mental note to yourself to remember to buy some more on your next store visit, your machine instantly does the ordering for you – adding it to your shopping basket, along with the detergent that needs replacing, the toothpaste you’re running low on, and the mascara that is just about to dry out.
When you leave for work, you get an update that the order will be delivered to the trunk of your car that afternoon. You then get a notification that it’s your friend’s birthday, and based on social media data that your digital assistant has pulled, you are recommended an ideal present to buy. You automatically add that to the checkout also.
Welcome to the age of programmatic commerce: a world where mundane repeat purchases and those easily solved by data insights, are automatically done for you as well as addressing the right content onsite/offsite at the right & the right place.
The Internet of Things is a big factor. Today, there are more than five billion devices connected to the internet – by 2020, Gartner IT -0.10% predicts this will reach 20.7 billion. The growth of intelligent data alongside, and consumers being more comfortable with their data being shared (especially millennials), all add to the reasons programmatic commerce will become commonplace in the future.
When shopping online today, you can already spot certain retailers (like Amazon) moving in this direction – recommending discounts if you subscribe to a certain product. Do so with Wunderbrow eyebrow make-up, for instance, and you can choose how often you receive the item (in monthly intervals) for a 5% discount. Sign-up to five different subscriptions in a month and you can save up to 15%.
Programmatic Commerce is the next big thing in retail.