Katarzyna Paliwoda - Digital Day 2017
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Katarzyna PaliwodaSpeaker
Partner Central & Eastern Europe - Facebook

Katarzyna Paliwoda is leading FMCG/Retail vertical in Facebook across 28 countries.
Previously @ Procter & Gamble, running Gillette business in Central Europe.
Historically managed over 15+ brands across 9 countries. Board Consultant for Spring Foundation NGO and formerly Communication Consultant at UNICEF.

13:10 - 13:40
Mobile - building meaningful connections at every stage of consumer journey.
Over the last few years, we have witnessed a genuine revolution—the world we live in has become mobile. It took television 67 years to reach over 1 billion people, but mobile achieved that in just 5 years. Now Facebook is visited by 1.23 billion people daily and 1.15 of them are using mobile platforms. We live in a mobile world where everyone has the most powerful medium in their pocket and access to personalized marketing—both for large global brands and local SMBs. Marketing has become democratized and now a small café and a global automobile manufacturer have the same opportunities to connect with consumers on Facebook. Brands and companies can build reach that was previously available only via TV, with exceptional targeting precision that allows them to reach real people.