Ana Andjelic - Digital Day 2019
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Ana Andjelic
Strategy Executive and Doctor of Sociology
Forbes CMO Next

Named to Forbes CMO Next list, Ana is a brand strategy executive, writer, and doctor of sociology who specializes in the modern luxury brands. She seamlessly moves move between technology, business and creativity, and is equally passionate about observing the counterfeit luxury goods scene on Canal street as she is about working with MIT Media Lab students. You can learn more about her work at

Surviving the attack of the algorithm
There's an entire new retail industry around shopping aggregators and beauty and wardrobe curation services. The problem is that algorithms by default turn products, services, and content into commodities. Fashion and beauty retailers may find themselves on the same path of self-destruction as publishers, who put their faith in the hands of Facebook and Google algorithms. The true challenge for retail is not how the accelerate algorithm-induced product commoditization, but how to circumvent it. This talk will explore five strategies of building a strong brand in the world shaped by algorithms.