Ana Andjelic - Digital Day 2019
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Ana Andjelic
Chief Brand Officer
Rebecca Minkoff

Ana is a strategist, writer, and doctor of sociology. She seamlessly moves between technology, fashion, and creativity, and is equally passionate about observing the counterfeit luxury goods scene on Canal street as she is about working with MIT Media Lab students. Ana is on the board of Lean Luxe and TRPTK and her day job is to build modern luxury brands. She has been recognized as one of the Luxury Women to Watch 2016 and The Guardian’s Top Ten Digital Strategists to Watch. She frequently contributes to industry publications and speaks at the international conferences. You can learn more about her at

Media Design is the New Media Planning
To win in the new media landscape, we need a human-centric approach to media and planning. Rather than expecting the consumer to act on communication in a silo, brands have to understand what consumers need at any specific moment and help them navigate through their decision-making journey. Core in this process is the switch from reach-obsessed media planning to market-building media design. This talk will explore how to combine brand narrative, user experience design and business analysis to make media a welcome part of consumers' decision-making process rather than its impediment.