Andrea Baba - Digital Day 2019
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Andrea Baba
Influencer Manager
Pioniri Communications agency

Andrea Baba is the Influencer Manager at Pioniri Communications agency.

When not at work, Andrea is on YouTube. And when she’s on YouTube, she is on Instagram too, searching for her favorite content… Or let’s say – content creators! ☺

Andrea graduated at the Faculty of Philology and soon after started her career in the PR industry. Her love for writing was replaced with love for influencers and cooperation with various brands. When she first came to Pioniri Communications, she was skeptical about the idea of opening a department within the agency that deals mainly with influencers, but today she can proudly say that working in that area was one of the best choices she has made in her life.

In addition to following the work and deeds of influencers, analyzing their habits and behavior, Andrea also “matches” them to the previously defined needs of the brands. So, she is kind of a human Tinder, who finds a match between the brand and an influencer.
Here you can find out how the influencer became the center of her world!

How do you trust influencers as media?