Borko Crnogorac - Digital Day 2019
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Borko Crnogorac
B2B Product Development Director
Telekom Serbia

Borko Crnogorac is a ‎B2B Product Development Director at Telekom Serbia.
With more than 10 years of experience in operating, implementing, planning and project management of IT and network environment, he has completed a numerous successful product development, sales and marketing projects within the telecommunication industry.
As B2B Product Development Director at Telekom Srbija, Borko implements digital technologies that help to streamline the B2B buyer experience.
He has a strong IT & technical background and high performance in relation to achieving targets, managing projects, and leading teams. Borko Crnogorac is an expert in understanding the strategic drivers behind investing in Digital Advice and needs-based buyer engagement in the future of telecommunication selling.

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