Jovan Stojanović - Digital Day 2019
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Jovan Stojanović
Managing Director
Direct Media Belgrade

Jovan Stojanović is Managing Director of Direct Media Belgrade, the leading regional media system. He started off his career in marketing in 2001, when he joined Direct Media agency, immediately after it was established. He held various positions there, such as Media Planner, Account Manager, Account Manager, Client Service Director, and Media Director. The results achieved in 2009 earned him the position of Managing Director of the largest and most successful agency in the region.
Jovan graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Belgrade. He has completed a number of specialist training programmes in marketing and management. In his opinion, the greatest advantage of Direct Media system and his greatest privilege is the fact he leads a well-coordinated and professional team of people who develop the communication market through continuous quality enhancement and innovations.