Petar Stakić - Digital Day 2019
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Petar Stakić
Head of Corporate Communications
Infostud Group

Petar is the head of communications at Infostud Group, one of the leading internet companies in Serbia which operate in the field of education, employment, automotive, real estate and insurance. He is one of the architects of the content strategy in this company for which can be said that it is no longer just group of vertical classified websites, but also became a publisher of relevant media content. One of the best examples for that is the site (used cars), which operates within the Infostud Group, which is practically grown from automotive classified advertising business in one of the most quoted sources for car industry in Serbia. There are not many examples, even at the global level, that one automotive classified has managed to develop its own video game, You Tube and TV series. All with the aim to be informative, educational and entertaining for its users, beside the core business. All other sites of Infostud Group successfully create content in a similar way.

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