Stevan Ranđelović - Digital Day 2017
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Stevan RanđelovićSpeaker
European Affairs Manager - EACA - European Association of Communications Agencies

Stevan is managing EACA’s regulatory, public and industry affairs. He is focusing on repercussions of tech developments on data protection, audiovisual, e-privacy and other policy aspects. Also spending his days lobbying the EU institutions and explaining them the complexity of online advertising. As an avid ad fan, he closely follows industry developments, and cheers for agencies!

10:45 - 11:15
Data protection and privacy regulation: Will there be a connected shopper?
Online advertising has flourished until now also due to the ability of companies to process consumer data, with all safeguards provided by the law. However, what we are seeing now is that consumers are increasingly worried about how their data is used, which companies process it and where it ends up. Across the world, we are witnessing new increasingly strict rules being adopted giving back the power to the consumer and reducing data processing opportunities of different advertising players.
If you still have not heard about the EU General Data Protection Regulation, it is about time. GDPR will disrupt the way you do online advertising big time.
Let’s discuss whether addressing directly a connected shopper will be possible in the new era of stricter data protection and privacy regulation.