Steve Dool - Digital Day 2019
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Steve Dool
Journalist and Brand Consultant

Steve Dool is a journalist and brand consultant from New York, now based in London. He has contributed to publications including The New York Times, CNNStyle, GQ, Fashionista, Vanity Fair, Esquire and Garage and is the former Style Editor at Complex Magazine. His work covers art, design and the luxury sector, but is primarily focused on fashion, often exploring the ways in which the industry reacts—or doesn’t—to our rapidly changing world. Previously, Steve worked as marketing manager at the Capsule tradeshow and as Public Relations Director for a boutique fashion consultancy in New York. He is the author of a forthcoming book on men’s footwear (out in 2019 on Potter Books / Penguin Random House). Steve is a graduate of Boston College and is currently completing an MSc in Marketing at the London School of Economics.

Too Much of a New Thing: When the Chase for What’s Next Dilutes Your Brand
In the fashion industry, there is not much worse than appearing to be behind the curve. Newness is often the most powerful currency a fashion brand can possess, a prospect that is exacerbated by the steady stream of content needed to reach customers across social media platforms, through reinvigorated in-store experiences and on routinely revamped e-commerce sites. But lately, a new school of thought has gained momentum by arguing the opposite. Instead of focusing on regular reinvention, the brands that are the most successful are frequently those that favor clear and consistent branding that can be gradually refined, ahead of creating a steady output of new, new, new. This talk will discuss how brands from any sector can benefit from implementing a slower, more strategic approach to building a complete brand world and why it’s worth it to find the sweet spot between remaining fresh and constantly chasing what’s next.