Tomasz Musial - Digital Day 2019
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Tomasz Musial
VP Publishers and Programmatic with Waytogrow
Netsprint Group

14-years’ experience on Internet advertising market. Since February 2018 responsible for international business, publishers and programmatic development with Waytogrow. Represents deep knowledge and experience with optimization of publishers’ programmatic revenues.
Active member of IAB, speaker at numerous local and international ad-tech and programmatic conferences, author of many publications about Internet advertising.
Privately – fanatical squash-player, passionate kite-surfer and snowboarder.

How to maximize publishers’ programmatic revenue?
During our workshops, based on our experience with more that 200 sites in 15 countries, we will share some up-to-date and best practices that will help you to increase your programmatic revenues even by 100% and make your online business flourish.
If you want to understand whether header bidding is a threat or a real game changer, how to make your ad tech setup sound and seamless, how to deal with walled gardens as well as other tech challenges we are all about to face in 2019 – you should definitely be there!