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Organizing Digital Day 2019 would be almost impossible without great support of our partners. We’re dedicated to making them part of a truly great conference experience. That’s why we like to call our sponsors “partners” – we like to work together and offer everyone the most out of this event. Below you will find all the companies who are making Digital Day 2019 happen.



We call our portfolio SAP C/4HANA – C is for customer, 4 is for fourth-generation CRM, and SAP HANA® is the digital core that powers it all. The portfolio include:SAP Customer Data Cloud: everything you need to manage data protection and privacy, bundled into one powerful and effective solution SAP Marketing Cloud: to create a complete customer profile that allows you to deliver personalized, relevant experiences, in real time, and better understand your customers’ desire /SAP Commere Cloud: a platform to help you run a differentiated and personalized commerce experience. /SAP Sales Cloud: The complete sales solution that gives sales the skills, tools, knowledge, and data they need to sell more, faster. /SAP Service Cloud: A customer service solution that reduces call center operations, increases the efficiency of field service reps, and improves customer and employee satisfaction.


DRIVE is an award-winning digital agency that provides integrated digital first communication, including creative, performance, and media expertise.
It is an agency within the I&F McCann Group – an extensive, accomplished, highly organized advertising system, which successfully operates in 12 countries of Southern and Northern Europe.
However, although a part of an international group, DRIVE has the flexibility, as well as the organizational and experimental spirit of a startup.
DRIVE is a place where technology and creativity meet.
Where data is turned into human truths, and strategies into ideas that resonate with society.
Where innovation and storytelling excellence come together to create unique products.
Where imagination and efficiency coexist in perfect harmony.
DRIVE is a place that has the best of both worlds.


UM is a strategic media agency committed to proving that media is a top line growth driver as much as an efficiency play. We believe that better science and better art deliver better outcomes for our clients. We deliver science through the transformational power of business analytics and real-time data intelligence. We deliver art through creating moments that matter in media to deliver momentum for brands.
In Southeast Europe, UM is part of I&F Grupa, one of the leading communications systems, with affiliates for markets in Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania, and 200 media specialists innovating media communications on a roster of clients, including The Coca Cola Company, L’Oreal, H&M , Ferrero, Air Serbia, Molson Coors, Ahold Delhaize, Vip, Violeta, Moji Brendovi, Banka Intesa, J&J, Addiko, Nespresso, Pandora….

Wireless Media

The company for the digital society.
We provide products and services that transform brands & organizations for the digital society.


The Telekom Srbija company is a leader on the telecommunications market in Serbia and allows its customers a unique and integrated customer experience. Operating in Serbia under the mts brand, the company provides services from the sphere of mobile and fixed telephony, multimedia services and internet. By the introduction of new services and the implementation of cutting edge technologies, the company tries to enable global connectivity and enrich people’s lives by creating conditions for excellent communication.
At present, the Telekom Srbija group consists of fourteen companies located in six countries. By continued investment in further development and modernization of the telecommunications infrastructure, network and services, the company can successfully respond to all challenges, demands and expectations of the customers.

Direct Media

DIRECT MEDIA United Solutions is a leading media system in the region of the South-East Europe.As part of United Group, we provide our international and local partners with integrated communication, advertising and media services in 8 countries in the region through our network and network affiliates. Our team consists of multidisciplinary professionals who develop new solutions for business and communication challenges in the new era of connectivity. Our strategies are new generation strategies and far more complex, technologically demanding solutions that unite existing communication bridges and create new ones.


Challenges are an indispensable part of every company’s business, regardless of the industry in which it operates. In order to face each and every one of them, it will need a team of experienced experts and well-established professionals to provide quality and timely answers.
We are one of such teams.
Each of us contributed to Saga being today a company recognizable on the market by state-of-the-art software and ICT infrastructure solutions.
Since the founding in 1989. we have unselfishly shared knowledge and experience with each other. This made Saga a leader in the field of digital transformation. Thanks to the partnership with over 70 renowned names from the ICT industry, we have grown and developed into an inevitable station on the road to improving the business for a large number of clients.
Our focus on developing and implementing innovative solutions is what sets us apart and makes us a synonym for top business results.
Thanks to the expertise of our employees, close cooperation with clients and the use of the latest technological achievements, for years we have been implementing solutions that transform business and make a difference.

Belgrade Waterfront

Belgrade Waterfront is a premier 21st century landmark development and Serbia’s first master plan development, designed as a vibrant mixed-use waterfront community.
The project contains a balanced mix of uses, including a world-class residential community and offices, premium and boutique hotels, cultural venues, educational institutions and a wide range of leisure attractions. Public area includes 27,000 sqm large public park and 1.8 long waterfront – Sava Promenada, with an array of amenities.
With the height of 168 metres, Kula Belgrade will be the beacon of the Belgrade Waterfront and the city, and the tallest building in the region.


Internacionalna medijska kompanija Viasat World, ima preko 100 miliona pretplatnika i proizvodi i distribuira najkvalitetnije zabavne sadržaje kroz više od 20 dokumentarnih, filmskih i sportskih kanala, u skoro 50 zemalja širom sveta. Pored kanala Epic Drama, kompanija je u regionu prisutna i sa publici dobro poznatim kanalima TV1000, Vlasat History, Viasat Explore i Viasat Nature.

Epic Drama

Epic Drama je kanal sa najboljim i najzanimljivijim dramskim serijama iz svih krajeva sveta. To je kanal sa bogatim sadržajem priznatih svetskih drama, različitih žanrova, među kojima su: kriminalistički, klasična književnost, politika i moć, istorijski, ratni, akciono-avanturistički i mnogi drugi. Epic Drama predstavlja priče iz naše prošlosti, ispričane na moderan način, koje odaju počast velikim događajima, velikim ljudima i velikim dramama, kroz uzbudljive priče o strasti, izdaji, ljubavima i gubicima.


Car:Go is an application through which you order a drive from point A to point B, where payment is made with a credit card or PayPal directly from the application. CAR:GO is the solution to urban transport. Once you sign up and choose your preferred payment method, you are ready to GO. Using CAR:GO you will get a time estimate of the arrivel of your driver, as well as the price of the ride – everytime. When you get to the destination, you just get out of the car, and that’s it! No cach, without waiting for a change and account. Ride is automatically charged and the account is sent simultaneously to your email.


The KARE brand symbolises furnishing ideas which are unique, non-conformist and authentic – never boring and always full of imagination and inspiration. Ever since 1981 the company has been surprising its fans and retail partners worldwide with an incomparable and inexhaustible variety of new furniture, lighting and furnishing accessories, all expressing an intense passion for design. They include fascinating discoveries from obscure artisan workshops and slightly crazy but unique pieces of furniture creating a ‘wow’ effect, not to mention lovingly crafted solid wood furniture that will be cherished for a lifetime.
Open to spontaneity and with the courage to innovate, we offer surprising, affordable and desirable lifestyle collections. For unconventional and romantic spirits, for the wild and the style-conscious, for birds of paradise and all those who cast off all constraints when it comes to furnishing their own home.
KARE is an unconventional furniture company which strictly rejects run-of-the-mill concepts, operates strategically with a feel for the market and ensures continued success with revolutionary furnishing ideas.
We decorate the world!
Studio 3 Kompresor doo
Dečanska 12, 11000 Beograd

Grand Kafa



With 53 stores in 28 cities, Gigatron is one of the country’s leading retail chains in the technology market with a wide range of IT devices, mobile phones, consumer electronics and household appliances. The company currently employs 650 employees.

Also, the largest Gigatron store is open 24 hours per day and is located at the address With successful e-commerce business, Gigatron takes a significant part in Serbian online sales market. Our online shop provides numerous benefits for customers, including payments in installments, loyalty program “”Baš tvoja kartica”” and many more.




Life is what you make of it!
Ribella is at the head of rebellion that brings the change-healthier and tastier food, better eating habits, joy and imagination in the table!
Ribella is an integral part of DTD Ribarstvo company, whose core businesses are: food production (Ribella/Kulinara), agriculture (area of 5.000ha), fish feed production (Riboks), fish farming (fishponds at area of 690ha), as well as wholesale and retail of its own products.
Ribella tends to provide new and innovative products, available and practical, yet being healthier alternative at the food market and makes no compromise regarding quality and taste! We offer highest quality, tasty and healthy products in practical packaging, and innovative flavor combinations, in order to provide healthier options for the final consumers.
With its product categories: Hummus, Tunino and Fesh Pate, our company presents one of the fastest growing brands in region. Due to its unique veggie spreads, innovative cured meat products and fish and meat spreads of the highest quality, Ribella provides extraordinary bites for the final consumers.


Jaffa Crvenka

Jaffa Crvenka is one of the largest sweets and snacks manufacturer in the West Balkans.

Our company was founded in a small Vojvodina town of Crvenka, way back in 1975, and since then we’ve been making unique products that are deeply connected to generations of our consumers. Our products always had their part in making memories, they were the reason to hang out with friends and create shared stories.

Find out everything about us, our brands and the latest news



Zvonko Bogdan Vinarija

Zvonko Bogdan Winery started its way in 2008 when it headed for a clear aim to produce top-quality wines that bear the stamp of the region from which they come, by combining the specificity and tradition of Palic vineyards with the latest French technology.
Anchored in the sea of its vineyards on the eastern shore of Lake Palic, in the north of Serbia, Winery was built in the Art Nouveau style, typical of the traditional architecture of Palic and the nearby town of Subotica.
A magnificent building of the Winery that clearly indicates the almost inevitable blend of wine and art is a decent refuge of more and morefamous and recognized wine, and good a host to all who wish to see and experience where and how it is born.
The Winery is named after a famous singer of old songs, Mr. Zvonko Bogdan, whose art and the name are synonyms for the ultimate experience, such as wine and Zvonko Bogdan wineries.
Vineyards of Zvonko Bogdan Winery cover a total area of 62 hectares and were built on three different parcels – Palic, Ludas and Radic, located within a thousand meters. The specificity of each parcel is carefully combined with selected varieties of vines in order to be able to develop their full potential in accordance with the optimal soil and climatic conditions.


Black and Easy



In the Coca-Cola system in Serbia as well as the business of Coca-Cola Barlan S & M, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Hellenic Serbia comprising the bottling plant in Zemun, factory Vlasinka which is bottled natural mineral waters Rosa and Fresh & Co., manufacturer of juices and fruit juices, and distribution centers around the country. Coca-Cola system produces, sells and distributes a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages. The world’s leading brands, Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Nestea, Ultra Burn and Energy, as well as domestic brands Next and Su-voce and fruits every day find their way to consumers in the country and the region.
Recently published study on the impact that the Coca-Cola system has on the economy and society of Serbia and its results demonstrate that Coca-Cola in large part, not only domestic but also for companies that support employment, income and tax revenue for the entire economy, even though significant investments in community development. Coca-Cola system in Serbia annually in the budget of three million pay taxes and is associated with 107 million the government as income tax. When we add the profits of suppliers and retailers who work with the company, as well as taxes and salaries that they payment, the total value added of the Coca-Cola system Serbian economy reaches 345 million or 1.18 percent of gross domestic product. Also, Coca-Cola system in the country, employing 1,300 workers while another 18,500 workers are hired by companies that work with Coca-Cola, which shows that the system on each employee provides another 13 jobs in Serbia or 0.62 percent of the total workforce.
In addition to business development, corporate social responsibility is woven into all business and production processes. Companies through the many long-term initiatives continually invests in the community through platforms such as environmental protection, youth education, support to vulnerable social groups and promote an active lifestyle.





For the first time, WeAreDevelopers World Congress, the largest developer conference, will be held in Berlin on June 6 and 7, 2019. The Congress will gather over 250 speakers, leaders in the technological transformation of society, founders of the startup and multinational technology company. Congress will open keynote lecture by world chess grand master Garry Kasparov. Kasparov is considered not only the greatest chess player of all time, but also a well-known expert on artificial intelligence in the challenges of man-machine interaction.

The content of the congress is divided into 5 thematic units of interest for developers: Constructing Worlds (Frontend and Backend, Cloud), Controlling Complexity (Security, DevOps, Quality Engineering), Applicationing Disruption (AI, Blockchain), Onechaining Engineering (Iot, Robotics, AR / VR / XR, Mobility) and Coding Society, and additional Executive Track (the latest business and technology trends).


Creative, modern, helpful – simply, a different and full service creative agency focusing on digital. Built in time when everyone is afraid of challenge, certain that our idea will become the leading one.